Build a Vacation Request App with Airtable

If you are a manager in an organisation, coordinating your teams’ vacation requests can be tough. Requests come in via email, get lost in the mix of all of your other priority items and can get missed altogether. Sometimes you see the request and forget to approve it. Sometimes the approval goes missing.

How does your team know when their colleagues are on vacation? Do you have to turn down vacation requests because there’s too many people off at the same time? And how do you track who’s used up their annual vacation allowance already and who has so many vacation days accrued that they could take a month off?

This guide will take you through the process of building a vacation request app on Airtable, step by step. Airtable is a leader in the "low code/no code" ecosystem and is designed to help you easily build useful apps for your business, organisation or team.

The guide will show you how to:

  • Design your vacation request app
  • Build the core functionality - Tables for People, Request and Vacation Allowances and forms for requesting your vacation
  • Automate notifications to managers when a new request is made
  • Automate notifications to requesters when their request is approved
  • Build views to show the real time position for every individual on your team

This 60 page guide will be invaluable if you want to build a vacation request app using Airtable, but it is also a great primer for building anything in Airtable. the structured, iterative approach to Airtable app development will show you the right way to build Airtable apps and how to take advantage of Airtable's great features.